Specials From Our Butcher

Our beef is cut from Canada AAA grade and aged at least 21 days for perfect tenderness
London Broil $12.99 lb
AAA Eye Round Roast $7.99 lb
AAA Eye Round Steak $8.99 lb
AAA Top Sirloin Steak $11.99 lb
AAA Top Sirloin Roast $9.99 lb
Our pork is from Ontario and raised without growth hormones
Pork Loin Centre Cut Roast Boneless $4.99 lb
Our chicken is from Ontario and is air-chilled
Chicken Thigh Boneless $5.99 lb

Specials From The Deli

Lyoner-Style Bologna $1.19 / 100 g
Cheddar Cheese Loaf $1.69 / 100 g
Pepper Crusted NY-Style Striploin $5.49 / 100 g
Black Forest-Style Ham Sliced or Shaved $1.99 / 100 g
Scotch Eggs $4.49 each

Specials From Our Freezer

Denninger's Chicken Burgers $13.99 ea
Denninger's Prime Rib Burgers (Red Box) $12.99 ea
Minced Beef or Turkey Pie Boxes $11.99 ea
Bratwurst Sausage Roll Box $11.99 ea
Gourmet Bacon Macaroni & Cheese 2 for $15
Homestyle Beef or Vegetable Lasagna 2 for $15
Fisherman's Pie $7.99 ea
Shepherd's Pie $13.99 ea
Frozen Caramelized Onion Banger Sausage $1.00 off
Hunter Style Mushroom Gravy $4.99 ea

Specials From Self Service

Fresh Honey Garlic Sausage (3 pack) $3.99 ea
Fresh English-Style Banger Sausage (5 pack) $4.99 ea
VP Smoked Bockwurst Family Pack $11.99 ea
VP Mini Black Forest-Style Ham $2.00 off
VP Smoked Cheddar Cheese Sausage $1.00 off
VP Smoked Nacken $1.00 off
VP Danish Salami Chub $6.99 ea
Steak & Vegetable Pie (1 kg) $14.99 ea
VP Ham & Broccoli Quiche $10.99 ea
VP Curry Chicken Pie  $3.99 ea

Specials From Our Bakery

Denninger's Pecan Pie (8") $7.99 ea
Denninger's Pecan Chocolate Buter Tarts (6) $7.99 ea
Denninger's Pumpkin Seed Cranberry Loaf $3.99 ea
Glen Abbey Challah Egg Bread (530 g) $4.99 ea
Denninger's Old English Ginger Loaf (425 g) $5.99 ea
 Denninger's Oat & Apple Muffins $4.99 ea

Specials From Our Cheese Department

Denninger's Vintage Cheddar 200g  $6.99 ea
Snowdonia Pickle Power Cheddar $7.99 ea
Castello Tickler Extra Mature Cheddar $2.99/ 100 g
Coombe Castle Aged Red Leicester $4.99 ea