March 23, 2020 

To Our Valued Customers and Suppliers

We are living in unprecedented times with the recent spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the declaration of a state of emergency in the Province of Ontario last Tuesday

Denninger's stores are an ESSENTIAL SERVICE as we work to safely provide food to you, our valued Customers. Hence, ALL STORES ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS

OUR SUPPLY CHAIN IS STRONG and we thank all of our Suppliers and Logistics partners for ensuring that Denninger's is well supplied with products

The health and safety of our Customers and Associates is of utmost importance to us. To this end, we have

  • expanded pickup at curbside or delivery options available at each store
  • marked our floors with fluorescent tape to remind everyone of "Social / Physical Distancing"
  • temporarily discontinued all in-store sampling
  • ensured that all products for sale are packaged and not open in a self-serve format
  • encouraged the use of debit and credit over cash to minimize cross contamination.
  • increased the frequency of sanitation of frequently touched surfaces such as debit and credit pin pads, register belts at our checkouts, handles for cooler and freezer doors etc

We will also be installing plexiglass shields at our checkouts

We are proud of and thank our Associates for their continued dedication and support during these unprecedented times. They are very much on the "front-lineof the COVID-19 crisis

And we at Denninger's look forward to continuing to serve you

Mary S Aduckiewicz